Grunge Scallop Flowers

"Grunge" Scallop Flower Tutorial
These are the flowers I made on this layout and card.

Here is a close up shot of one of the flowers.

Okay, let's get started!
You will need the following:
Fall Breeze Glimmer Mist or whatever color you want your flowers to be.
Chestnut Roan Chalk Ink
Either a Copper looking brad or a gold one that can be colored with your Copics.
Cream or off white cardstock or whatever color you want the base of your flower to be.
For the flower petals You could use any of the following:
Scalloped Circle punches in varying sizes.
You can use your Cricut. You can find any scalloped shape circle and cut it in varying sizes. I found one that works great on the Forever Young Cartridge :-)
Or if you have a digital cutter you can create your own VERY easily.
Step #1
Make sure you are working on a flat surface.
Spritz your craft mat with Glimmer Mist. I used Fall Breeze for my flower. You want to just spritz it all over randomly. Don't spritz too much. You can always add, but you can't take away. Spritz approximately the area of the amount of paper you want to "color"

Step #2
Lay your paper face down directly onto the spritzed area. Just press down gently, DO NOT rub it back and forth. Just push down gently wherever you lay it. You can always pick up your paper and see any areas that are not colored and then lay it back down on an area with the mist to pick it up.
This is what your paper could look like when this step is completed.

Step #3

It really doesn't take that long to dry. It will of course vary depending on the amount of mist you used and the type of paper you used. Some paper absorbs the mist quicker than others. You want your paper to be completely dry. Especially if you are going to be using an electronic cutting device. Cutting scallops with "mushy" or "dewey" paper on your cutter doesn't go so well. (That was the voice of experience...lol)

Step #4
Cut your flowers out. Make sure and cut them out in three graduated sizes.
The sizes you use will determine the finished width of your flower.

Step #5-Ink Edges
Ink the edges of each petal with your chalk ink. I used Chestnut Roan for these flowers.
Okay, this is NOT a picture of these particular ones being inked. Sorry forgot to take a picture of that step. But I had this photo from a different tutorial. So I thought I would add it here. It is that same process. Hope that doesn't confuse anyone.

Step #6-Cut Slits
Next, cut slits all the way around the petal. DO NOT go all the way to the center or you will end up cutting your flower in half or thirds. Cut every other scallop. If you use a punch you may have an odd number and will have one that has three scallops, just go ahead and cut that down to two and one.
 (Again, this is a photo from a different tut, but I think you get the idea).

Step #7-Stack your layers
Get three of your petals in the three different sizes and stack them. Poke a hole in the middle and insert your brad. Don't open and flatten your brad legs yet. You can use the legs of your brad to help you hold your flower in the next step

Step #8
Curl your petals. After cutting the slits you will see that your petals will have more "movement" Just use anything with a thinner barrel. For example: The barrel of a pen, or a quickstick or a bamboo skewer. Anything that has a round, smooth barrel. Lift your petals at varying heights as well. This will give your flowers a more natural and realistic feel.

Step #9
Color your brad with your Copics. Actually, I would do this step before #7. That way you don't run the risk of hitting your petal with your marker...UNLESS you were one of those kids who were really good at the game OPERATION.....can you hear the BUZZ?..ROFL!
Again, that is the voice or BUZZ of experience talking :-)

Lastly, just flatten the legs to your brad add some adhesive to the back and attach to your project!  Super easy and some Fabulous results....

One last look at the projects I used these on.

Now Go and grow your paper garden and 

Make Some Flowers!
Blessings, Melin

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