Carnation Flower Tutorial

Carnation Tutorial
Update: 50 States Cricut Cartridge Yellow Flower 

The tutorial below is very similar to how you can make this flower above. The exception: I used glimmer mist to color the flower in the photo above. It started out as a plain white cardstock flower.

Pearlized Carnation Tutorial

To make the pearlized Carnations

You will need:

  • MM Specialty Glaze-Pearl Paint or similar product
  • Color Box Cat's Eye Chalk Ink in Rouge
  • Also needed are scissors, sponge, paper piercer or something to punch small holes in the middle
  • Brad or jewel to go in the center.
The Carnation petals were cut from the Cricut.
I used the 50 States Cartridge.
I did use the Design Studio to get the graduated sizes that I wanted. You can just cut them in graduated sizes if you don't have the design studio.

First you will paint each petal with the Making Memories Pearl Glaze. You don't have to paint all the way to the middle with the larger petals as once they are layered the middles won't show.

The glaze dries relatively quick so once that is done, you will go back over each of the petals and brush the Chalk Ink on the ends. The Pearl paint will cause the color of the ink to be a more muted tone.
The shimmer of the pearl paint will show through the inking very nicely.

The below photo shows you how the ink color is much more intense without the pearl paint. 

After inking all petals, you will simply go back and cut slits down the petals. You will only have to cut just over two thirds of the way down. Do not cut all the way to the middle or your petals will fall off.

Once you have done this with each layer. Stack one on top of the other and poke a hole through the center of each petal. Once you have done that. put a brad through all the holes and layers.
Once the brad is through all layers, the prongs will stick out the back.
Before you bend the prongs flat turn your flower over and use the prongs to hold your flower. While gently turning your flower begin to "puff up the petals" by gently squeezing them towards the center. Play with it to give each individual one a varied "pinch or squeeze" so that it will look a bit more realistic. Once you are satisfied with the petals appearance, pull your brad prongs apart and flat against the bottom petal. Adhere to your page or card and voila! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, now go and grow your garden and make some flowers.

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