Scrunchy Flower Tutorial

"Scrunchy" Paper Flower Tutorial
These are the cute little flowers I made on this card.

Here is a close up shot of the flowers.

Okay, let's get started!
You will need the following:
Lavender Lace Liquid Pearls
Warm Violet Cat's Eye Chalk Ink
White cardstock.
I created the digital file of this flower.
 You can also create you own by using a similar type punch or die.
Step #1
Cut your flowers out. Make sure and cut them out in three graduated sizes. For this card, I made them very small. I put the three petals next to the ruler to give you an idea of size. Of course you can make them much larger if you have the digital file.

Step #2
Ink the edges of each petal with your chalk ink. I used Warm Violet for these flowers.

Step #3
Next, cut slits all the way around the petal. DO NOT go all the way to the center or you will end up cutting your flower in half or thirds. You should get approximately seven petals.

Step #4
Here is a photo of the three of them inked and cut.

Step #5
Now adhere the three petal together and make sure to stagger the slits. This will give your flower a more realistic look. I use a glue dot in the center of each layer. They hold really well and still allow you to "work" with your petals.

Step #6
Now let the scrunching begin!
Taking the top layer, gently lift the petals up and bring them together. As they come together, they will naturally want to layer themselves the closer together the more the "scrunched" effect will be. This is what the flower looks like after scrunching just the top layer. It kind of reminds me of a teacup and saucer in a way :-)

Step #7
Repeat the same process with the second layer. This is now what it will look like.

Step #8
Now take the last layer and "scrunch it up". Again, the tighter the "scrunch" the more realistic the flower will ultimately appear.

Step #9
After "scrunching" all the layers, gently pull apart and leave the individual petals at varying heights. This will help your flower look more real.

Step #10
Finally, add jewels, Stickles or in my case, Lavender Pearl drops to give them a center!

Now Go Make Some Flowers and have FUN!
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