Nugget Treat Boxes Tutorial

Hey crafty friends,
Happy Wonderful Wednesday. I hope this day is going well for you. Today I am sharing the tutorial for the project I created Yesterday. Here is a picture of the project yesterday (with a different version).

This is a picture of my project only from yesterday. For details on this project, see yesterday's post.


To make the box, start with cutting your piece of cardstock to 8x10.5. Below is the template I designed. 
Per my template, cut out the red areas of the paper. 
You will want to score along the green lines. So to make it. Cut your paper to the size listed above.
Along the 10.5" side, Score along the following: 1.25, 2.5, 3.75 and 5" marks. HOWEVER, for the 5" mark, you want to only score up to the 1.25 in from each side of the 8" side.
On the 8" side, score at 1.25" and the 6.75" side which is the same as 1.25 from that side.
Last thing: Snip just a little from the flaps so that there is just a little wiggle room when you glue them together. You see that by the thin strip of light red at the end of each one.

Here is what it should look like when you have it cut and scored. Notice, the 5" score line really isn't across the main part. It is really to reference the measurement for the side tabs to cut out the larger sections.

Here is what the base looks like once it is folded up. This is the smaller base.

Here is a look at the finished larger sized box. 

Here is the larger nugget box template. Remember to snip just a little from the flaps so that there is just a little wiggle room when you glue the flaps together.

Here is a side view of the larger box before I closed up one of the sides. Here you can see that it is two rows of four on the bottom and the top.

Here is a view of the two treat boxes. You can see the size better.

Here is a different view from the top to show the size difference as well. 

The main difference is that the larger one equates to twice as big as the smaller. You can do 8 nuggets in the smaller one. Two rows of 4. One stacked on top of eachother.

The larger one allows for two rows of 4 with two rows stacked for a total of 16 nuggets.

Well, that about covers it for today. Be sure to come back real soon. You will want to keep up with my crafty adventures!  Don't forget to find me on social media too! Links are below.
Until the next time, have a wonderfully crafty day!

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