Fall Leaf Die Cut Jewelry Set

Happy Tuesday crafty friends,
Today I am over on the Cottage Cutz blog. I am sharing a fun project I created with one of the cute die cutz from the new fall Cottage Cutz release. Here is what I created.
I made this pretty jewelry set with the beautiful fall leaves die. It includes the gorgeous "skeleton" shapes (outlines) of the leaves. ere is how I made my set.

I started by cutting out my leaves several times on various colors. I wasn't sure which color was going to be my base colors. I ultimately landed on the black cardstock.

I went to work gluing all the layers together. I ultimately decided to use black as the base colors. 

I made one of the maples leaves and two of the, I will call them Oak leaves.

Here are the two Oak leaves layered and set aside to dry.

Once I finished gluing them all together, I needed to color the sides in.  I colored it all in black so that it would be cohesive. Here is a pic of one colored and one still not.

After combining all of the paper layers together, I set them aside to dry. I then took some of the Cricut Premium Vinyl in a Brushed texture. I chose the "copper" looking color. See photo above.

I then cut out some of the leaves with the brushed vinyl. They cut out very well. They did not cut through the backer paper which makes getting tghem seperated was pretty smooth.

Here is where I decided to use the outline with the veins image.

I then used the solid pieces and laid them onto the back pieces. You can see that the mirror image is not an exact match, but pretty close. If you really wanted to be spot on, you would just need to flip the vinyl with the top vinyl layer face down. You may have to use a shim to make sure you can cut all the way through including the backing paper.

Here is a view of the maple back. The flip side is pretty symetrical with the exception of the stem. It is going in the opposite direction. To remedy that, I simplty cut it and released it from the full leaf shape, you can just put it on the stem and position it to go the opposite way. The material is overall pliable.

After I finished layering and covering all three leaves, I set about to make the gem pieces. Here is a shot of the smaller dangles for the earrings.

Here are the gems for the maple. I made them and used a jump ring to wrap around the stemp.

Here is a shot of the back of the jump wring. It is simply wrapped around the stem.

Here is what it looks like with just the gem dangles around the jump ring.
Here is what the maple leaf looks like. To get the jump ring to stay and not fall off, I wrapped some wire around the stem and then made a simple loop at the top. This gave me a way to connect this to a necklace. By wrapping the stem, it also strengthens it.

Here are the finished earrings. I wrapped the wire and made a small loop. I then used some earring hooks to add the leaves to.

Here is one last look at my completed set. I think it turned out very pretty. I made a matching bracelet and think it all turned out super cute!

Dies Used
Fall Leaves

I hope you enjoyed this project. Please make sure and head over to CottageCutz.com and pick up some of these wonderful dies. They will not disappoint.

Well that about covers it for today. Be sure to come back by again.
Until the next time, have a wonderfully crafty day.

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