Lemonade Stand Mini Shadow Box Tiered Tray Idea

Hello Crafty friends,
It's a wonderful Wednesday! Today I am sharing a cute little shadow box I created for my entrance table decor. I love making tiered tray and themed little decor pieces for that front table. It is a treat to come home and see the seasonal decor. Here in Florida it is hard to feel the four seasons. We just get varying degrees of HOT...lol!

Here's a look at my finished little shadow box. I started with a shadow box from the dollar tree. It had another image in the center but I took that out to start with a flat surface.

I started by decorating the inside of the shadow box with some paper. I used some black cardstock for the base. I then added a white mat and some diagonal plaid patterned paper that I created and printed from my home inkjet printer. I cut it to size and then added all that to the shadow boxes inside.

I created a little sign for the top by adding the word fresh and one of the lemon wedges from the Lemon phrases die set. I cut the lemon wedge down. For the black base of the sign, I cut out the lemonade stand in black cardstock and cut the top and sides off. I used just the bottom piece.
I then cut out two banners in white cardstock and then used my markers to color the pennants of the banner in yellow and green. 

Next I went to work creating that sweet little lemonade stand. I cut the base out in kraft cardstock. I then added some brown marker to bring out the wood grain look. I used my black marker to darken the word Lemonade. It cuts out with the die cut to make things real easy! I then cut and colored the banner and added my pitcher, glass, lemons and stand sentiment. I added all that to a square scallop stitched mat with a green polka dot patterned paper.

Next, I needed to make something to give my little lemonade stand some lift off the base of the shadow box. I didn't want to layer a bunch of foam tape. So instead I made a little 3" x 3" box. 

Here are some .75" x 11" strips that I scored and folded at 3". I did this so I could adhere them to the inside of the box or riser as I like to call it. It makes it super sturdy.

Here is my little riser after I have added the extra layers. Nice and strong. It will keep my little lemonade stand nice and sturdy and flush. I adhered this to the base of the shadow box and then added my little lemonade stand.

Here is a view with a slight angle. You can see how much lift the stand mat and sentiment have off the base. But it is nice and sturdy and the edges won't collapse in. The shadow box is 1" thick so making my riser .75" thick still kept the mat inset enough.

Here is one last look at my completed shadow box. I am making a few more items for my decor that I will be sharing and then I will share a final photo of how it all comes together. 

Dies Used

Nested Scallop Square Set
The stitched one I used is unavailable at the moment.
This one would be a great alternative.

Well that about covers it for today!
Until the next time, have a wonderfully crafty day!

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