I'm Your Huckleberry Vinyl T-Shirt Project

Hello Crafty Friends,

Hope you are all doing well. I was going through some of my Facebook Group posts of some #FREEBIES and realized I never posted here on my first ever Vinyl Project!!!  Whaaat!!!???!!!

Yes, I know! Hard to believe, but I never posted here on my blog. Better late than never :-)

So... Just a quick blip. I made this T-Shirt for my beloved hubby. He likes the movie "Tombstone" One of the characters makes this statement. It more or less means... "I'm your man for the job/task".  So I decided to design this svg cut file and give vinyl a try.  

THE RESULT: It turned out pretty good. Like any crafty heart, I would love some type of heat press to venture more into this genre of crafting.  Unfortunately ye' old iron, isn't the best tool... but alas... it will have to wait until the purse strings can accommodate.

IN THE MEANTIME: I had given away the SVG cut file to anyone that happened to see my post on Facebook.

NOW: if you would like to scoop up this freebie, you will need to join my Facebook group.

You can join the Group through this link HERE

Be sure to answer the questions as I am not accepting anyone who doesn't. It is just a simple way to make sure we don't get spammers in the group.

While you're out surfing the crafty web...
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Well that about covers it for today. Until the next time, have a wonderfully crafty day!

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