Happy Cinco De (Meow) Mayo

Good morning crafty friends and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I was speaking with our DT Coordinator Jen and I mentioned that I wanted to do something for the Cinco De Mayo celebration. I hadn’t really thought of anything and she mentioned that her local pet shelter was having a Cinco De Meow adoption event.

I LOVE animals.....especially Dogs. I would gladly have some kitties in my life too....BUT my hubby is VERY allergic to them. His mom has some and the poor guy really has a tough time when he goes to visit her. Anyway, I thought it was such a cute idea that I decided to make a card with that theme in mind.

I recently acquired the Ole cartridge and took a look at what images they had. Much to my surprise they had a cat! So here is my card.
cinco de mayo meow card
Here are the cuts I used
Cat pg. 36 at 4”
Sombrero pg. 33 at 3”
Maracas pg. 22 at 2.5”
MEOW letters all CAPS and all at 1”
Cinco pg. 26 Phrase 1 at 1”
De pg. 66 Font Black Out at 1”
The eyes I cut from smaller ovals. I generally don’t care for the facial features on most of the Cricut cuts, so I will “improvise” and add my own “eyes” mostly.

So please consider making a home for a pet if you don’t already have one. With our economy being what it is, even the poor animals are feeling the pinch. If you already have a beloved animal in your life then make sure to give them a big fat hug!

Here is a picture of my “baby” She is  a spoiled girl to say the least!
Plus as it turns out, we found a stray so here is a picture of “Tyson” He is a loveable dog and very good natured. He is already “fixed”. The animal control guy said that he didn’t think they would have too much trouble finding him a forever home, but in the off chance that they can’t, my husband took a liking to him and so he may be back......Ay ya yah Caramba....Three dogs!
So I am praying he finds a nice home that maybe isn’t ours....rofl!  PLUS I am currently dog-sitting my brother’s new puppy. His name is Karamel Frappuchino.....He is a little cutie.  Here is a picture of him. It was hard to get a good pic of him because he is so squirmy!
Okay, I know this wasn’t a seriously “crafty” post, so to make up for having to suffer through my personal fur-baby ramblings...I thought I would give you all a free digi stamp set.

So here you go.....
It is my version of a Happy Cinco De Meow set!
There are four images two pre-colored as shown and two black and white. Each set is with and without the sentiment for a total of four images.
cinco de meow circle 500
Just click the add to cart button. It will not cost you anything to check out during the free offer.

Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Cinco De Mayo and National Scrapbook Day TOO! Be sure to come by tomorrow for another post :)


  1. Love this Melin! I am an animal lover too, and so appreciate the adoption message! Your fur family is simply adorable!!

  2. Great card, Melin! With different colors, you could make the same one for Halloween, too!  :)
    Thank you for the free stamp!

  3. Oh Melin,  This is just a fabulous card.  The bright colors could not be better.  I love that little kitty and the MEOW is so fun!
    Melin,  I love the little furbabies.  I only wish all had good loving homes.  I am such an advocate for animals and am so glad that you are too.

  4. Couldn't get the cute kitty :( TY anyway. Sandy

  5. Better late than never!  Thank you for this cute cinco de meow image!!


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