Cartridge Showcase: Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2

What a Great Cartidge! You have really got hooked up today! Java Jen is hear strutting her stuff! She has cooked up not one, not two, but three projects for you using the very new Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cartridge! Without further ado....... here she is!

Hello everyone and welcome to another Cartridge Showcase here at Cooking with Cricut! This is Jennie B. (aka Java Jen), and I'm showcasing some projects from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2.

I really do love this cartridge, but I have to tell you that there is a bit of a learning curve in using the scoring tool! This is definitely something I'll have to take more time working on! I'm hoping to do a video on this soon because I know there are more people like me who need some help with this cartridge! :-) 

TBBM2 is a full cartridge that has lots of shaped boxes, tags, cards and card phrases. This cartridge is designed to work with the Cricut scoring tool and the Cricut gel pens. 

My first 2 projects are cards. I love how many different cards there are on this cartridge! The cupcake card is on page 56 of the handbook and the circle flap card is on page 72. (Sorry for the messy pic of the cupcake card - I dropped it when the Stickles were still wet!) :-(

 I backed the cupcake cut-out with bright pink paper so it would show through easily. This card is cut @ 5". I tried the scoring tool to see how it works and this is how I made it work. After cutting the card, DON'T unload your mat. If you are using your Gypsy, touch RETURN TO DESIGN and click SHIFT for the image you are wanting to score, making sure that your cursor is set to the same size as your cut image. Line the score lines up on your original image, (if you are using a Gypsy.) I'm going to try this on my E2 to see exactly how this will work. I'll post details on my blog as soon as I do that! :-) Once you have the lines matched up, replace the cutting blade with the scoring tool and press CUT again. It will simply go over the cuts again and score where needed. Can you see why a video on this would be helpful! :-) 

On to my second card - This is Circle Flap card and I see so many possibilities for this design! It would make a great party invite! First pic shows it closed, second one open.

I didn't go crazy embellishing these projects since I was mainly trying to learn how this cartridge best works.

This next box is one of the big reasons that I got this cartridge! I made a mini pizza box and cut it at 6.5".

I definitely need more practice using the scoring tool for this cut, so I just referred to the instruction booklet that comes with this cartridge. It shows where the score lines are.

I think this little box would be perfect with a decorated cookie in it or even a gift card! I have so many ideas for this box! :-) I was also thinking it would be great to make it like an 8" square and make up card kits and package them in these boxes for a craft night at my house! :-) So many possibilities!

Lastly, I made the Tea Bag holder. I cut it at 5" which is a little big but it actually works for a Family Size iced tea bag! :-) It has just enough dimension for a tea bag to fit snugly inside! 

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration of TBBM2! I know that I have a lot to learn when it comes to using this cartridge to its fullest, but I WILL learn it! :-) 

Now, go create your own masterpiece and show the world!

Jennie B.

(Java Jen)

Come on, you have to admit it! She did a fabulous job showcasing this cartridge! I think I need to stop looking at all of these showcases, because every Monday and Thursday I end up wanting another cartridge!

Craft On,
~The CWC Team


  1. Oh, that pizza box IS cool!! Great job...I need to stop reading these showcases. My wish list is getting too long, lol. What do you use for a scoring tool? I have the Martha Steward board and really love it.

  2. I just got my cart and am waiting for scoring tool.  So glad they came out with this one.  Great projects and post Jennie.  

  3. Melissa, I tried out the scoring tool that is designed to be used with this cartridge for my projects. It looks just like a blade housing but it's purple and has a scoring tip in it instead of a blade.  I figured it out for my cards but had to refer to the instruction booklet for the pizza box and used my Martha Stewart scoring board to do all of those score lines.  Hope that helps! :-)

  4. Jen, you did a great job with this showcase. I have this cart on my wishlist, which like Melissa said, it's way TOO long! lol 
    I love all the projects you did, but the pizza box was my favorite.

  5. MRodriguez8604/19/12, 2:56 PM

    Fantastic Job!TFS

  6. Great job on your showcase. I love all your projects and now I want this cartridge too!

  7. Good job!  Yes, TBB2 is on my list for sure now!


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