Cricut Cartridge Showcase: BEEP BEEP

Hello everyone, Becky here with my cartridge show case for Beep, Beep!

OHMYGOSH! (yes, all one word) this has got to be hands down the worse cartridge showcase ever! I have to start out with an apology. I admit it. I messed up. I am sorry. I don’t know how I did it, but I wrote down that my showcase date was April 19th NOT April 9th, so when I got a friendly reminder email that my projects were due, I sort of (totally) panicked!

You know how when you are on a serious deadline nothing goes right? Welllllll, that happened to me! My Cricut was acting up, my blade went dull and I couldn’t find another one, I was doing all my designing on Cricut Craftroom and my lap top decided to wig out on me, my camera batteries died, and to top it all off it is Easter Sunday today and my family is giving me grief for doing crafting stuff instead of family stuff!  ARG!!!…Anyways, rant over…I’ve done the best I can with what I had to work with this time around and I WILL do a better job next time. I apologize to all my other CWC teammates for dropping the ball this time around and not keeping things to their previously established high standard of quality.

Beep, Beep is a Cricut Lite cartridge so there is not a whole lot too it. It is very simple to use but SUPER cute, and awesome for anyone who has a little boy in their life!

My first project is a Name Banner. All of the little machines are cut from Beep, Beep; however the flags came from Birthday Bash, and the Font is from George and Basic Shapes. I added Diamond Glaze to the windows of all the vehicles to make them look like glass windows and I added tiny buttons to look like they were carrying a load.

For my next project I really liked the little train so I made this sweet card for a little boy.  The front of the card has the Choo Choo sentiment from the Beep, Beep cartridge and then when you open it up the inside of the card (sorry I forgot to take a picture) says, “that means Happy Birthday in Train”

Finally, I didn’t have time to make projects out of these little guys but I did have enough time to cut out a few other images so you could get a chance to see some of them.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope I was able to give you some ideas for this really great cartridge.


  1.   I think you did a FANTASTIC job!!  I think that banner is so cute and so detailed!  The Choo Choo card is super cute too!!  I am so sorry you had a difficult time with everything but the result was totally fabulous!!


  2. CLM-Cindylu2u4/9/12, 8:06 AM

    Wow you work fantastic under pressure, love the banner and all the super cute cuts, I really like all the cuts on this cartridge too, thanks Becky!!

  3. Becky that has happened to us all before.  Love how you recovered!! :)  The banner is absolutely ADORABLE!!


  4. Wow! I love all these little designs! The little girl in the plane is so gorgeous! :-DD Love it! The banner is super, congratulations for everything.

    Vintage Collages



  5. Becky,  
    I know that you must be relieved to have this behind you.  Your showcase is wonderful.  That banner is just over the top cute!  I love all the cuts you did.  What a fun cartridge!!

  6. Becky, You did a wonderful job! These projects are so cute, and the banner is Great!!! I love all the ribbons along the top of it.
    Great showcase!!!

  7. Becky,
    If that's a bad job, I can't wait to see your good days!  I love that banner.  I've been waiting for an occasion worthy of the time it will take to make one of these!  I love it, great cartridge!

  8. Scrapqueen1414/9/12, 7:00 PM

    Becky, great work! Awesome job!!!

  9. Becky, these are amazing projects!!!  You did a fabulous job.  Please don't be hard on yourself.  Owen's banner is just as cute as it can be:)  Thank you for sharing all your awesome talent with us!!

  10. Jennifer Hudson4/9/12, 8:40 PM

    Great showcase, Becky!  We ALL have days (weeks) like that -- don't be too hard on yourself.  Adorable banner and card.  Can't wait to see what you do with the extra cuts!

  11. Becky, GREAT JOB! LOVE the Banner! Smiles, Jill

  12. Xochitl Rico4/9/12, 11:52 PM

    For a last minute showcase you did an AWESOME job girl!

  13. I absolutely LOVE your banner...now I need to go buy the cartridge so I can make one for my grandson!!  =)

  14. I do love the banner.  My boys are all grown up, and the banner gives me inspiration.

  15. very cute cards

  16. Wow! I would love so see a good day if that was a bad one. The banner was amazing! Great job.

  17. Thanks for showing me that lite carts are so worth it, But I have a hard time buying them when I can get a full cart for the same price. Love all the projects you did with this cart.

  18. Well Becky, even if it was tough getting going on this and all the problems you occurred, it was well worth it in the end.  OhMyGosh!  this is just to darn cute, I love everything about it.  Now no matter what happens I have to get this cartridge.  This cartridge is going crazy on price and I can't find it in the stores for a reasonable price so hoping it will go cheap for me soon.  Thanks for the awesome idea, although my kids are grown up I could have so much fun on their pages of the times growing up playing in the sand pit we made for them.
    angel hugs


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