6 Minutes....

Good morning crafty friends,

This is not a crafty post but I am humbly asking you to take approximately 6 minutes of your day to listen to and watch this video. I felt so strongly that I needed to share this.....

I have recently read, heard and received many, many prayer requests. A tremendous amount of them. Everything from health issues, financial provision, broken hearts, hopelessness, relationship-family trouble, you name it.  I prayed this morning for them and this song just kept floating through my mind. My how many of us need our Deliverer. An innumerable amount of people are truly concerned, sick, near death, hurting and broken. The requests range from seemingly small things to the absolutely tragic and heart breaking.

So I ask....Do you need your deliverer? Do you need the peace to know that He will see you through your situation? Do you need to believe that He will raise you from your dark place and truly give you hope and wipe your tears? Then I ask you to listen to the words of this video and see the images. Our God is indeed an awesome God. He is and shall deliver you through....not because of who you, I or anyone else is, or does, but because of who He is...His great love for each of us. He IS, Our Good Shepherd, Our faithful and true....The lover of our soul. Do you KNOW someone who is going through a tough time. I am sure if you take just a moment to think of the people you know, I have no doubt that you know someone who is struggling with something. Then please take a moment and watch with them in mind and say a prayer for them.

May the Lord bless you for taking just a moment...and giving Him a little bit of time. Thank you for taking this opportunity to let Him minister to you through this....

Much love to you all, Melin


  1. What a blessing to the start of my day Melin.

  2. MRodriguez8604/27/12, 1:28 PM

    I was just reading "Gods Way"day by day as I do every morning and stood with a part that read"The Larger your thoughts about God", the smaller your thoughts about your problem.His way,he promises and delivers. Your post is refreshes my spirit.TFS...

  3. Thank You, Melin - I so needed/appreciated this!  Will re-post on FB, also - I, too, am in Quicksand and every woman I know is in one way or another...  My Heart is sooo heavy today...  This helped.

  4. Thank you ladies for your comments. I am so glad that He spoke to your hearts and gave you encouragement. We all need it in one way or another. I am so overwhelmed with how great and mighty and yet gentle our Lord is. How compassionate. May we go before the throne of grace that we may all obtain mercy and find help in time of need. May the Lord continue to refresh each of you...Much love, Melin

  5. Hope is alive. Hallelujah! He is coming!!!  Thanks for the reminder that better days are coming. And it will be for eternity! Keep your eyes on the prize!

  6. can I still purchase your circle with the cupcake candle in the circle?

  7. Thank you for posting this Melin.


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