Monday Showcase: Mickey & Friends

Good morning and welcome to Cooking With Cricut's Cartridge Showcase. Each Monday a member of our Design Team will feature a Cricut cartridge of their choice and projects they've made with that cartridge. We hope you'll be inspired to pull out your cartridges and find new ways to use them!

Hi! This is Chef Jen and today I'm going to share some projects created with Mickey & Friends. The Disney cartridges are notorious for their small pieces and intricate cuts -- but they are well worth the effort.  This cartridge features Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald Duck, Chip and Dale as well as some really cute secondary cuts including a border feature. 

I created this card as part of one of my fellow Cooking With Cricut Design team member's "I Feel the Love" Project.  Madison started this monthly challenge in June to give her blog followers the chance to create a card to give someone who may be going through a difficult time.  June's recipient was a teacher at her High School who is battling cancer for the second time. Madison collected 22 cards for Ms. Pentoney! July's recipient is a 3 year old girl named Marley Moore and her family. Marley was diagnosed with a brain tumor near her optic nerve, brain stem and pituitary gland in August 2009 and is currently battling a recurrence.  Thirty-four (34) cards were created for Marley and her family last month. 

August's recipient is is Kate McRae, her older sister Olivia, her younger brother Will, and her parents Holly and Aaron.  Kate is 7 years old and is battling a rare form of brain cancer  (sPNET) that was diagnosed in June 2009.  Doctors were only able to remove about 50% of the tumor due to it's location in the left temporal lobe of her brain and the fact that the tumor had wrapped itself around the left middle cerebral artery to her brain. Kate experienced right sided paralysis immediately following surgery along with the loss of her speech. She has since relearned how to speak, walk and do the many things that young children do, however her right sided weakness still continues.   Kate has endured more than any child should have to -- many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, speech therapy, physical therapy. . . and many, many stays in the hospital.

I will make cards for the entire family before the end of the month, but today I'm sharing 6 year old Will's card.   All of the cuts are from the Mickey & Friends Cricut cartridge and all of the paper is from my scrap stash. 

Here is the recipe:

  • Card base - 8 1/2" x 11" white card stock, folded in half
  • Mat - patterned paper cut to 8" x 5"
  • Car - cut at 6" wide x 3 3/4" high
  • Mickey - cut at 4" high
  • Mailbox - cut at 2 7/8" high
  • Fence - cut at 4"wide x 2 1/2" high
  • Tree - cut at 3 5/8" high
  • Grass - cut at 1" high (two sections welded together in Design Studio).
I haven't decided what I'm going to put on the inside yet, other than "Hi ya, pal!"  So for now it is blank. 

If you are interested in creating a card for someone who needs a little loving and encouragement -- please click over to Madison's blog and sign up.  Not only will you bring a smile to someone else's face, you'll bring one to your own, too.

Below are a few photos of other projects I've created using the Mickey & Friends cartridge -- the link to the details on my blog is underneath the photo.

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday:  Card

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday:  Banner  (same link as above)

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday:  Cupcake Picks  (same link as above)
Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Goofy Birthday Card
Mickey 1st Birthday:  Banner

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday:  Freezer Paper T-Shirt (same link as above)

Mickey & Friends Wall Art (same link as above)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Don't forget to check back Tuesday morning to see what this week's Guest Designer has whipped up.

~ Jen


  1. What a touching story and a great thing to do with your cards. My mother had a stroke and lost all of her speech and right sided movements as well. I'll be thinking of this little girl and her family. I hope they can recover....

    I love all of your projects, they bring back so many memories of all the fun I've had at Disneyland :) thank you for sharing this

    -rachel w k

  2. Jen, than you for the amazing post. You are fabulous:) "I Feel the Love Project" loves you!!! Your support is awesome and very much appreciated!! You ROCK!! Your card is so cute. I love all your Disney projects. This cartridge looks fun. Have a wonderful week!!
    ~Madison funkycards.blogspot.com

  3. Like your Disney creations. They are as magical as the Magic Kingdom in FL.

  4. These are so special:) Sandra H

  5. Jen, I love Mickey and the car. The card is so cute. All your projects are great! I do not have this cartridge---I enjoy seeing the pretty cuts! Thanks for sharing!

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW i love love love the projects and that is the cutest cake i have ever seen!


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