CWC Challenge #26

Good morning crafting friends,
The sun is shining it is the second day of Passover AND it is challenge day here at CookingWithCricut.com!
For those observing Passover:
Sh’ma Israel
Adonai Eloheynu
Adonai Echad
Baruch Shemah Kvod
Le Olam Va’ed
Hear O Israel:
The Lord Our God  
The Lord Is One
Blessed be the Name of His Glorious Majesty Forever and ever….Amen

Our Day 2 readings:
Leviticus 22:26-23:44
Numbers 28:16-25
2 Kings 23:1-9 and 23:21-25

I hope you don’t mind, but CWC would NOT be possible without HIM, so I must give HIM…HIS Honor.

In honor of this season our challenge is….. You guessed it….
Yes…I know…BIG SURPRISE…LOL! But this is such a wonderful time. For me it is right up there with Christmas. If HE hadn’t gone to the cross for me and for you…I just don’t know where I would be… I am grateful that HE allows us to celebrate the finished work of the Cross. We are SO BLESSED: As a People, Country and Families.

So without further adieu…Here is your CWC Design Team Inspiration.

Chef Maria Elena
Visit Maria Elena's Blog for more details on this adorable layout!

Chef Gaby
Visit Gaby's Blog for more details on this adorable layout!

Chef Melin
Visit PaperCraftingWorld.Blogspot.com for more details.

cricut risen-500wjl
ALL paper is from the DCWV The Rustic Stack…BEAUTIFUL paper. 
Easter 2010 Cartridge 
Ornamental Iron Cartridge 

Chef Christel
Visit Christel’s Blog for more details on this beautiful card.

Chef Jenny
Visit Jenny’s Blog for more details on this super cute card.

Chef Jean
Visit Jean’s Blog for more details on this hop-i-licious project.

Chef Karla
Visit Chef Karla’s Blog for details on this gorgeous banner.

Chef Jen
Visit Jen’s Blog for this ADORABLE bunny card!

Chef Jen
Visit Jen’s Blog for more details on these EGGstra eggs.

Chef Stacey
Visit Stacey’s Blog for more details on this BEAUTIFUL card!


Chef Madison
Visit Madison’s Blog for details on this Bunnylicious card!

Chef Melissa
Visit Melissa’s Blog for details on this PERFECT Layout!

Chef Michelle
Visit Michelle’s Blog for details on BOTH of these BEAUTIFUL Cards!

Chef Raven
Visit Raven’s Blog for more details on this colorfully SWEET card!
Raven Gypsy Wanderings1

Chef Roberta

Visit Roberta’s Blog for details on these EGGSTRA CUTE Boxes! 

Melin’s Easter Treats Project
Visit PaperCraftingWorld.com for more details on this cute layout.
easter treats by melin-500wjl

Okay, now it’s your turn!!! Join is in the fun and add your Eggstra special Easter project.

Must use your Cricut or other cutter to cut something.
Must be a new project for this challenge…Please NO back dated posts.
Your Post MUST include a link back to CWC…CookingWithCricut.com

Thank you as always for joining us and have some FUN and CELEBRATE!

The CookingWithCricut.com Team.


  1. Everybody did great!!!!!
    ...the forgotten child Gaby

  2. Great Projects!! Thank you for the FUN!

  3. Such adorable projects. I just got my first cricut and I am hoping I can one day make such wonderful projects! Question, was the winner of your 1600 blog candy ever announced? I have looked through your postings but haven't found anything.

  4. Thank you ladies...Cql1539. Regarding the blog candy giveaway...I am planning on announcing the winner on Saturday. Make sure you are a part of our newsletter as we will announce it that way too :-)

  5. Thank you for honoring Christ on your blog! He is truly great and I'm so grateful for salvation. Blessed be the Name of The Lord!!!!

  6. What great projects! Thanks so much for the messages in your post as well.

  7. Thanks Melin, I wasn't aware you had a newsletter but I will be signing up right now. Thank you for telling me.

  8. All of these are fun and make me want to go now and craft! Thank you for sharing

  9. Beautiful projects Design Team! Thanks for another fun challenge!
    Happy Easter!


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