50 States Pink Rose Tutorial

50 States Pink Rose Tutorial
This is the "North Dakota" flower on page 46. I cut this flower in 4 layers in 3 different sizes. I cut "slits" so the petals would be a little more loose. To me this one looks like a rose.

Here is a close up shot of one of the flowers.
 I started with a plain white flower.

 I glimmer misted the petals with Pink Bubblegum Glimmer Mist on both sides.

 I cut slits on the petals to loosen them up. You can see the flower on the left in the photo above has the slits and the one on the right does not.

 When the paper is still slightly damp from the glimmer mist, begin to push up the petals and curl them into each other.

 They (the petals) should easily bend from being moist so they don't get creases in them

Roll them together and hold it for a few seconds until it takes that shape.

 this picture (above) shows you how well it can keep it's shape with no adhesive

 Finally, begin to glue them together by putting one into the center of the next. With the last one being a bit more open...like the photo above.

Open up the center petals gently, then you can curl them individually a little more to give them a more realistic shape. Because you used glimmer mist, the pigment when dry will really help the flower to retain it's shape and even be a little "stiff". I don't know the chemistry involved, but it seems to work :)

To see the rest of the flowers I created with the 50 States Cartridge, 

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