Showered With Love Kits

Good morning all,

I just wanted to share really quick a couple of new kits I just released! Hopefully it is a little eye candy for you and will inspire you. If you're interested in any of these, you can hop on over to Page-Kits.com and place your order. HERE

Showered With Love - Girl Version

Showered With Love - Boy Version

Fairy Beary Sweet
Closeup view of the "Fairy Beary Sweet Bear"

Please be sure to stop back by later this evening! I am working on a couple of new things to share! Happy Crafting!


  1. You pages are amazing!! : ) Thanks for you tutorials, very informative!

  2. Love the leaf tutu on the bear.....adorable!!

  3. These are gorgeous! I especially like the flower petal skirt! GREAT WORK!!! :)

  4. Adorable! I haven't seen anything on your blog that I didn't like. You are so talented and creative. TFS!


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