Bug Magazine Gypsy Files

Below is the download for the Gypsy files used in the Bunny Express Layout.

Below is the download for the Gypsy files used in the Mother's Day Layout.

Sorry link no longer available.
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  1. So I came to this page to download the Bunny page file and there is nothing here except the words Here is the download for the Bunny Express file with nowhere to click to download. what am I doing wrong. I just love the little critters you create and thank you for sharing but I need to download the file from the information in the magazine. I actually didn't like the magazine until this issue because of the Bunny Express page. You gave the magazine new life, especially offering the .gypsy download. thanks so much. Deanna

  2. Where can we download the gypsy file for the idea in the bug magazine?

  3. When I click the "add to cart" which is the only "button" to click, nothing happens. These files are great and saved my opinion of the magazine. But even tho' something changed since yesterday, the download is still not working.

  4. Thank you so much for these files. I think your work is fantastic and I also purchased a couple of files. Love that flamingo. I am so happy I found you through The Bug Magazine.

  5. i got my bug magazine for this gypsy file and i cant access the file. Can you please help me.
    Tanya aka Tz


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