Lollipop or Rolled Flower Tutorial

Lollipop or Rolled Flower Tutorial


The tutorial below is the same technique I used for creating these flowers pictured above.  The exception: I used the 50 States Cricut Cartridge to cut the shape out. I then cut an opening so that the cut would "open up". See photo below. Everything else is the same.

To start, you will cut out the flowers in the desired paper.
If you need a cutting file, you can go to PaperCraftingWorld.com for some :-)

Next I Inked the edges of BOTH sides. I wasn't too careful about how I inked as I wanted the flowers to have a "shabby" appearance.

After inking the edges, I spritzed some Glimmer Mist onto my mat and used a sponge to brush it onto the rose.
100% coverage. If you don't have Glimmer Mist, you can always use plain water.

Here is a shot of brushing the Glimmer Mist On.

Now you will begin to roll the rose. With the paper moist, but not too wet, it will be very easy to bend the paper without tearing it. You can use anything you have that has a round, smooth barrel. I used the barrel of my chalk applicator.
Just begin to wrap it around your object. The smaller the object, the tighter the roll.

Here is a shot of the paper rolled around just once.

Here is a shot of it rolled a few times.
I just tried to keep the "roll or wrap" as parallel and or straight with the rest of the roll.

Here I am at the end. The middle will ultimately be your bottom.

Now I just attached a glue dot to the bottom and will "sit" the rest of the rose on that.

Here is the finished rose. This shot was actually taken BEFORE I glued it down.
When you do this with "moist" paper, it will keep its "roll" or shape real well.

Here are a few variations. Some were the same, I just rolled them "tighter" the little one was the file sized down and the darker pink ones are from a patterned paper that had a white core.

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