Bag and Gift Card Tutorial

Bag and Gift Card Tutorial

Box Instructions
Scor Pal or scoring blade or other scoring tool.
12 x 12 Cardstock
Circle Punch
Corner Rounder
Bone Folder
Patterned paper and embellishments as desired and per theme.

Step #1: Cut your cardstock 9” x 12”
Set the 3” strip aside. You will use this for the gift card holder.

Step #2: With the 12” side of your cardstock across the top,
score at 4”, 5-1/2”, 9-1/2” and 11”.

Step #3: With the 9” side of your cardstock across the top, score at 2”, 3”, and 8”

 Step #4: Cut out all the striped areas as shown in the diagram.

Step #5: With your scissors, cut on all the red lines. (Refer to diagram)
When done properly your piece should look like the photo below.

Step #6: Round corners on the two main wide flaps (This is optional).

Step #7: Using your Circle Punch, punch the holes for your handles. Do this step BEFORE you adhere your box together. You can line them up and do them at the same time so your holes match up.

Step #8: Apply adhesive to one of the large bottom panels.

Step #9: Crease all score lines with your bone folder and assemble your box.
 Step #10: Decorate your box as desired.

Gift Card Holder
Step #1:  Taking your 3” x 12” piece of paper, score at 4”, 6” and 8”.  Crease all your folds with a bone folder. Create a pocket in the center and adhere the outer edges. Cut the middle fold.
This is where the gift card will slide in and hold in place.

Once you cut the opening, your git card will slide right in. Then just decorate any way you want. I also created a belly band to make sure it stayed secure.

Here is one last look at the three different sets I created.
This was for my niece Allie's 3rd Birthday.

This was for a Christmas Gift

This was for a movie night gift. I put a couple of pop corn bags in the bag with some candy and then gave the gift card for the theater.

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